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What is a Technical Writer?
Image March 6, 2022 Compliance and QA,Content Management,Technical Writing and Editing Bill Ledbetter

  My dear friend and talented writer, Kathy English once taught me how to respond to questions when you tell someone you are a writer. “What do you write?” they would ask and she would calmly explain, words, sentences, and paragraphs in a level and comforting voice tuned from her vast knowledge bank compiled from each assignment,

Click Bait Hurricane
Image March 6, 2022 Artificial Intelligence (AI),Humor,Technical Writing and Editing Bill Ledbetter

As a victim of corporate downsizing a few years ago after almost 13 years at the same company, I bounced right into a brave new world filled with more employment opportunities than you could imagine, or so it seemed. A month or so into my new quest for employment, the people selling clicks came out

File Management
Image March 4, 2022 Best Practices,Compliance and QA,Content Management,Technical Writing and Editing Bill Ledbetter

  Have you ever worked on a project and had multiple versions of the same document circulating among your team, each of them with different file names and individual edits? This is a recipe for disaster as you attempt to piece together a final version with so many versions. Good team planning on any major