• Garden Flower Collection

    Garden Flower Collection

    Raising wildflower pollinator gardens for that past few years is a labor of love and a spiritual connection to my late mother and all of

  • The Burnells, Room Enough

    The Burnells, Room Enough

    Room Enough is 12 tracks spread across the Americana spectrum from rock, rockabilly, blues, folk, country, and traditional tunes. Anchored by a fine collection of

  • File Management

    File Management

      Have you ever worked on a project and had multiple versions of the same document circulating among your team, each of them with different

  • BLP Creative  –  Analogue to Digital

    BLP Creative – Analogue to Digital

    BLP Creative is the right-brain of Ledbetter Communications specializing in original music, audio and video production. The evolution of recorded site and sound is mind

  • What is a Technical Writer?

    What is a Technical Writer?

    My dear friend and talented writer, Kathy English once taught me how to respond to questions when you tell someone you are a writer. “What

  • News and Updates

    News and Updates

    Ledbetter Communications is excited to begin working with Navigate Affordable Housing Partners, a major non-profit organization with an office in Birmingham, helping them develop and