BLP Creative – Analogue to Digital

BLP Creative is the right-brain of Ledbetter Communications specializing in original music, audio and video production.

The evolution of recorded site and sound is mind boggling and with current technology like smart phones, tablets, and constantly evolving affordable software, you can create amazing digital content. The interesting and ironic twist of technology is no matter how far and deep it goes, people still pine for a simpler time when it took more work and skill to accomplish great things, or in our desire to make content perfect, we discover that the newer, easier-to-use, and more efficient gear lost some feeling and soul that only magnetic tape or tubes will capture. Lo and behold, about the time digital audio and video recording became mainstream, the engineers and software companies were selling plugins to emulate analogue gear, opening the door even further for creatives who want to record audio and video and don’t have thousands to spend on hardware. With a modest budget, you can create professional audio and video content using an endless array of hardware and software tools.

Folks from my generation grew up on LPs, 45s, Cassettes, and 8 track, and came to know CDs in our twenties, and now we have a probable infinite selection of any type of digital content you can imagine from any location on the planet with a few keystrokes. With streaming music and video we have access to millions of songs and movies with a tap of our fingers, but people still love LPs and watching old movies! If you’re like me, you may have leaf bags full of homemade cassettes sitting next to boxes full of VHS tapes that you just can’t stand to see go, and you’ve been planning to go through and archive important ones for the last 10 years while they continue to collect dust.

Get in touch and we’ll dust off your old analogue audio and video recordings and help archive or produce new treasured memories with a creative flair.

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